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Jordan 2017 – Economic analysis of the Red Sea Dead Sea Phase 1 Water Conveyance Project (Two Seas Canal) – European Investment Bank (EIB)

Djibouti 2016 – Assistance to the spin-off of the Djibouti Telecom worldwide activity – self financed

Mali 2016 – Organizational and institutional study of SEMAF SA, the new operator for the installations (dam, power plants, high voltage transmission line) of Manantali et Félou – Self financed

Mayotte 2016 – Technical assistance to the SIEAM for updating its prospective financial information and designing a capacity building program – French Development Agency (AFD)


Burkina Faso 2017 – Update of the National Frequency Plan, regulation and processes for spectrum management setup – ARCEP

Niger 2017 – Support to urban Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) in Niamey City – World Bank

Haiti 2016-2017– Design of management models for the provision of operational assistance services for the water utility in Port-au-Prince – Inter-American Development Bank

Congo (Rep.) 2017 – Master plan, feasibility study, preparation and award of contracts and supervision of the rainwater drainage project of the city of Pointe-Noire – Ministère de l’Aménagement du Territoire et des Grands Travaux (MATGT)/Délégation Générale des Grands Travaux (DGGT)

Mali 2015-2016 – Study mission of the organizational, institutional and tariff aspects relating to the urban sanitation – SOMAPEP-SA / African Development Bank

Lebanon: 2015 – Needs assessment for water PPP in Lebanon – Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)


Senegal 2017 – Study of identification of sustainable financing mechanisms for the urban sanitation sub-sector – Office National de l’Assainissement du Sénégal (ONAS) – 2017

Mali 2017 – Tariff study for the drinking water public service – SOMAPEP-SA / African Development Bank

Cape Verde 2015-2016 – Review of the study on definition and market analysis of products and electronic communications services – ANAC – 2015

Congo (Rep.) 2014-2015/2017 – Tariff study and electricity demand– PEEDU/World Bank

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